Level-up For The Stats People’s Website

The Partnership

The Stats People (TSP), an award-winning statistical consultancy with origins dating back to 2004, approached Digital Freedom for advertising services. However, after evaluating their landing page experience, we recognized the need for a full brand refresh. Prioritising branding, we developed a new website aligned with the updated image. This decision was crucial in enhancing the online presence of long-established businesses like TSP, ensuring their advertising efforts resonate with the target audience and effectively convey their services.

The task

TSP wanted a website that would reflect its core principles and values. The brand needed to stand out in the industry, highlighting the company’s expertise, professionalism, and ability to present complex statistical results in an easily understandable way. The goal was to create a user-friendly website that would effectively present the business on both desktop and mobile devices.


The challenge

The primary challenge was to decide how to position TSP’s services. The services provided by TSP can be classified according to target audiences, applied methodologies, or presented individually. Since their clients need help understanding data analysis, we attempted to find a solution to present their services as clearly as possible to anyone visiting the website.
During our discussions, we identified a couple more factors that had altered the positioning of the services. This required us to discard almost all the work that had been done up to that point and start the design and programming work from scratch. All these additional changes significantly extended the project duration, but we managed to handle it without much stress, and today the client is delighted with the final result.

The solution

Our web designer did an excellent job translating the new branding into a colourful, modern, and user-friendly website. He managed to simplify the complex web of numerous TSP services, and his proposed UX solutions addressed the challenges that had arisen until then.
When the client was happy with the design, the programming phase kicked off. The website was created using the WordPress CMS framework, one of the most user-friendly and customisable platforms. We chose the programming language PHP, because it’s known as one of the most secure, with built-in security features that help prevent common attacks.

Industry analysis

UX/UI design


WordPress CMS framework

PHP language

Quality assurance

Gary Bennett founder of The Stats People:

“It is important for brands like ours to have a marketing refresh every so often, so that the website, branding and company description gives a true reflection of the company as it is now.
After meeting with several digital marketing agencies we decided to work with Digital Freedom because as part of a boutique agency team themselves, they were in a better position to understand our business. The personal chemistry was good with the project team and we also liked the idea of working with specialists from big agency career backgrounds who were now running their own young business.
We wanted a more vibrant looking colour scheme and a simpler, clearer way to present our business, with a very modern looking design and punchier descriptions of our services. The part of the process I found very beneficial was the Q&A session about our business. A concern I had is that we are very specialist business which is difficult to understand outside of our industry and that it would be difficult to get a website and rebrand that was authentically “us”. The best recipes always take a lot of work and we really appreciated the willingness of the team to engage with us and respond to feedback with fresh ideas and different perspectives. The combination of Dovile’s expert view and the back and forth dialogue throughout meant that we were very happy with the final result. I think it combines our own voice and personality with Digital Freedom’s creative ideas and ability to describe us in an appealing and accessible way.
I can highly recommend Digital Freedom to other businesses going down a similar path!”
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