Nordcode Adventures on Linkedin

The Partnership

Nordcode – leads businesses to become digital-first. Together, we joined forces to take their brand game to the next level.
Nordcode’s superpowers – connecting technology, business, and design to unlock performance gains for their esteemed clients, including the mighty Lithuanian businesses like Apranga Group, Maxima, Tele2, and more.
In our partnership with Nordcode, we emphasise effective communication of their responsibility, effort, and resource-intensive work. Our role is to ensure their successes are widely recognised.

The task

Nordcode approached Digital Freedom for LinkedIn communication services in order to raise awareness about their growing business in the competitive IT sector. The goal was to increase engagement with the target audience and reach more prospective clients.


Increase in impressions


Followers growth


Content reactions


CTR on know-how communication


CTR of new talent acquisition campaigns


Engagement rate on company’s case studies

The challenge

Nordcode’s team faced a challenge: limited time for content creation. They wanted to focus on their main quests while also spreading a word about their company. Previously, Nordcode had attempted to collaborate with agencies to address this challenge, but the agencies couldn’t deliver the desired result. Determined to find a solution, Nordcode turned to us. So, we had to find a way to represent the team’s spirit without taking much of their time.

The solution

We got virtually integrated within Nordcode’s communication platform. It allowed us to seamlessly become an integral part of their dynamic team. Together, we embarked on a collaborative quest, forging strong bonds with each client’s team member. This fusion unlocked flexible opportunities to craft tailored content, bypassing lengthy approval processes.
We amplified Nordcode’s voices, showcasing their expertise in IT project management, UX/UI, web development, and tech leadership. But that’s not all! We also unveiled the team’s diverse hobbies and personal achievements, establishing an authentic connection with the target audience.
During this partnership, we had a mission to craft a new brand message for Nordcode. Not long after that, our alliance grew and we started creating strong case studies & forged compelling texts for conference attributes.
Our collaboration with Nordcode was a game-changer! Together, we levelled up and achieved great results. With our strategic LinkedIn gameplay, we connected Nordcode with the target audience of fresh IT talent, as well as increased engagement with connections and existing customers, who gained even more confidence after familiarising with Nordcode’s portfolio.
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