Social Media Powers for ArleKinas Nida

The client

Arlekinas – an art house cinema screening emotionally charged, exclusive and acclaimed films with the base in the Klaipėda Culture Factory since 2018. A post-pandemic and war turmoil prompted the Arlekinas team to change its strategy from just showing films to sharing good emotions. As a result, the cinema moved to an outdoor space in Nida. That is the first commercial outdoor cinema in Neringa, where:

 – an innovative LED screen installed;

 – smart wireless headphones ensure film audio quality;

 – segments of the target audience extend to families with babies and moviegoers with pets.


Increase in reactions, comments and shares.


Increase in link clicks.


Increase in followers growth.


Followers growth from Nida and Nida becomes one of the TOP 10 follower locations.


Followers growth from Vilnius.


Followers growth from Kaunas.

The challenge

The ArleKinas cinema is well-known among the film connoisseurs of the port city of Klaipėda; the residents and visitors of Nida may not be familiar with it yet. Among Facebook followers, users from Nida are not among the TOP 10 follower cities. That means there is no established tradition of going to the cinema; holidaymakers may not be aware of such amusement. We are aware of the competition for the target audience’s attention; we deal with strong contestants, such as mesmerising sceneries of nature, romantic sunsets, and active leisure.


The task

1. To increase the ArleKinas Nida brand awareness, recognition and zest among locals and holidaymakers.

2. To increase traffic to the online repertoire and ticketing platform.

The solution

Visual identity:

The ArleKinas Nida summer identity has been developed for online and offline channels retaining the brand’s core attributes and incorporating additional summer-fresh-light and on-trend visual elements.

Digital marketing strategy:

The engaging social media communication and advertising strategy for the summer season were developed and successfully implemented to ooze its charm onto holidaymakers and residents of the resort. A mix of media enabled us to convey the information (a curated repertoire of films, location photos and reels) along with sensations.

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