Helping Those Who Help the Planet

At Digital Freedom we’re committed to providing like-minded businesses with the tools they need for success that doesn’t hurt the planet. Sustainability isn’t just a value; it’s the foundation of our vision for a digital world that helps businesses take their game to the next level while aligning with their eco-friendly missions.

Partnership with GYVI GALI

Our partnership with GYVI GALI stems from a shared quest for a greener future. GYVI GALI aims to make plant-based food more accessible to everyone in Lithuania.

Recognizing the challenges faced by flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans in the region, we volunteered our skills & services to help GYVI GALI achieve its goals.

This collaboration is not just about marketing; it’s about making a positive impact. And, we’re proud to offer our services free of charge in support of this important mission.

Wins on Our Journey

Supporting GYVI GALI – after taking charge of GYVI GALI’s Google Ads account we managed to speedrun and increase their ČIA GALI website traffic by 14 000% in just two months.

Effective Optimization – we implemented a plan to power up & track essential website conversions for all their campaigns, empowering the organisation to optimise traffic effectively.

Looking Ahead with GYVI GALI – while we’re not spilling all the details just yet, we have big plans in progress for GYVI GALI and their mission to make animal-free diets more accessible to citizens of Lithuania. Our mission is straightforward – to see GYVI GALI scale up, making a more significant, planet-friendly impact.

“The opportunity to work with Digital Freedom is very important to us. Before, with limited resources, we were lost in an unfamiliar field, and the results were poor.


This impact-making friendship not only helps us achieve much better results but also opens up the opportunity to spend our time on the things that bring us closer to our mission.”


Meda Šermukšnė | Co-Founder & CEO at GYVI GALI

It’s Your Turn Now


You’ve taken the first step towards positive change by exploring our page. Now, get to another level – head over to GYVI GALI impactful campaigns – GYVI GALI, NORI GALI, ČIA GALI – and discover how you can contribute to a more sustainable future.


Join the plant-based food revolution.


Make eco-friendly & plant-based choices for a healthier lifestyle.


Visit local plant-based restaurants.
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